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The Great Wall

November 22, 2017

Hello everyone Richard here...I want to start by telling you all that it tis the season for giving wishing you all a great holiday season starting with turkey tomorrow and all the way to the new year!!!! The band will vouch for me when I say I have a lot of stupid ideas and since this is the season of giving I want to share with you another stupid idea that I have???? The good news is that it benefits you all though, our Beyond Forgiveness family as we all know the physical cd was released on November 11th and I want to say from now until the end of the year ANYONE who is interested in the physical copy of our debut full length album The Great Wall all you have to do is pay the $10 US dollars for the album and I will ship it ANYWHERE and I mean ANYWHERE in the world for free!!!! Yep you heard right free shipping anywhere on the planet for our full length album and for anyone who orders from other countries around the world, you know the shipping is sometimes more than the album but this is our Xmas gift to you for loving what we do and I hope this idea turns out to be as dumb as it sounds, seriously just message me, the band page or any band member and we will give you payment info make your payment via paypal along with your address on the receipt and we will ship your item within the next day or 2 ANYWHERE!!!! via First Class US mail so come on everyone and show me how dumb my idea is, we love you all, the Beyond Forgiveness crew!!!!!


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