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A Message From Rich Marcus

November 12, 2017

Hello everyone Richard here I just wanted to give a silly long winded overview of last nights cd release party, I wanted to first thank all the great bands that helped make our night so special Sabbatar thanks for coming in last minute and filling in thanks for the great set, Diana Shade, I am so sorry about the situation but I am so honored that you guys still took the stage for several reasons, first I am so happy to finally hear the band and you guys sounded excellent and I am also so excited to see you release something you are so passionate about I look forward to sharing stages again and what can be said about our good friends Distant Warning just all around super awesome guys oh and last night, lady haha Ash Barstad you sounded excellent with them!!!! You guys are such awesome people and we definitely look forward to more shows. To all the people who attended last night thanks you so much for making it such a great release party, we are so honored to bring our sound and vision to you all as we hope to be in the middle of bringing this beautiful sound to our shores amongst a wider audience. Tony and the staff at Sunshine Studios live thanks so much for the great hospitality, excellent sound and such a great venue to bring local music to on a weekend no less, moving forward we now embark on what we hope to be a bigger year for Beyond Forgiveness, we have achieved so many what we thought were unobtainable goals and this year hope to reach more!!!! As Greg Witwer and I brought this mighty machine back to life, he is a man of few words and as we all can see by this post I am a man of many. lol I speak for both of us I believe when I say thank you so very much for the support in letting us achieve our dream project that we