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Interview and Review by Sjak Roks of Lords of Metal Underground Webzine

March 12, 2017


Hello everyone last month we were contacted by Sjak Roks with lordsofmetal underground webzine in regards to being a pet project for a new section within their magazine that specializes in introducing bands that aren't so well known within the female fronted metal genre by interviewing them and also including a review of their material. We were to be the first band to be previewed in this new section and the results are in, below you will find a couple links the first is to an interview via Skype with our lead singer Talia Hoit where he covers many questions about recording, ambitions, lyrics, formation amongst other things, the next will be an absolutely fantastic review of our first ep. This is a genre that is very near and dear to Sjak and I look forward to reading this section every month from here on out. Thanks so much for giving us some of your fine webzines space and a great review, we were