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Please Donate and support Ukraine

We’re giving our remaining tour shirts towards the cause of helping people in Ukraine!! donate to a legitimate relief organization, message us, get a tshirt!!

We're really heartbroken over the events happening in Ukraine and Russia these past weeks. Our most recent tour a few years ago was through both countries, and we made so many friends everywhere. It’s devastating to see the the horrific things happening to people and all the damage to so many of the beautiful cities we visited. We feel pretty helpless to be honest, what can we do? It may be insignifcant, but there is a small thing we know we can do!

We had a box of merch from our tour that had gotten stuck in the post office in Zaporizhzhia, and didn’t ever make it to us until months after the tour. We have been selling these shirts alongside our other merch at our shows and online, but instead now we want to donate these towards the cause of easing the suffering of the people in Ukraine. So everybody, please make a $10 or more donation to a legitimate Ukraine relief organization such as the Red Cross, and message us through social media or through our website with a pic of the receipt or other proof of donation, and we will coordinate with you to send you one of these shirts!

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